Home Search Listings

There are a couple different ways to lay out listing search modules on a real estate site. The below options are for iHomeFinder only. 

Customization Available:

  • Tab Embed
  • Inline Layout
  • Stacked Layout
  • Accordion Embed
  • Search 1

  • Search 2 & 3

  • Search 4

  • Properties

Home Search 1 (RHS1)

Embed search modules inside tabs to display more than one kind of search form without taking up too much space.

Home Search 2 (RHS2)

Embed search modules using "stacked" layout, allowing fields to stack if placed inside a column or compact module.

Home Search 3 (RHS3)

Embed search modules using "inline" layout allowing all fields to spread out across a row.

Home Search 4 (RHS4)

Embed search modules inside an accordion to have it "slide out" on click, and stay hidden if not used.

Featured Properties (R-FP)

Embed featured properties into a custom module on a page.