iHomeFinder Listings

The following layouts are available options for sites that choose the Optima Express + MarketBoost IDX plugin from iHomefinder as the Real Estate listings solution. 

Enter the iHomeFinder registration key, and the plugin should sync with the MLS. Shortcodes can be generated for placing search forms or property listings on any page of the site. View the pages on the demo site, or click throguh the tabs below to see examples of the included shortcodes. What included shortcodes are available depend on what plan is purchased through iHomefinder e.g. basic plans may not include all of the below shown shortcodes. 

Official Demo Site

See an example of a real estate site with search in the hero, a featured properties slider, map search and "sell my home" form.

  • Search

    Different options to display property search forms.

  • IDX Pages

    Different layout options for placement on IDX pages.

  • Listings

    Layout options for displaying an archive of listings.

IDX Page Examples

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator


Property Organizer Login
Email Alerts Signup
Sell My House Valuation Form

Display Listings Examples


Style Options:

  • Height
  • Number of rows
  • Number of columns
  • Navigation position top, bottom (displayed) or sides
  • Slider speed
  • Maximum results to display

[optima_express_gallery_slider rows="1" nav="bottom" style="plain" columns="3" effect="slide" auto="true" interval="10" status="active" maxResults="6"]