Mint Theme

Business Category: Children's Clothing 

Theme Specs:

(these details are modifiable)

  • Default Theme Font: Old Standard
  • Theme Color Used: #FFD703
  • Promotional Banner: enable
  • Header Accent: theme color

Header Specs:

(these details cannot be altered)

  • Includes: Cart (OLS) and Search (OLS)
  • Header Type: Static Header
  • Transparency: Solid
  • Nav Position: Inline

Hero Specs:

(the alignment can be changed, the hero media type or hero size cannot)

  • Default Alignment: left
  • Looks Best Aligned: Left and Right
  • Media Type: Split - Solid Color/Text and Video
  • Size: Content Width

Footer Specs:

(footer layout & accent can be changed - option to enable/disable icons & nav)

  • Footer Layout: inline
  • Footer Accent: theme color
  • Footer Social Icons: enable
  • Footer Navigation: show

Hero Layout Options:

Additional Info:

Possible Use Cases - This theme's aesthetic could suit the following businesses:
  • Sporty Clothing
  • Babies / Children’s Clothing
  • Toys
  • School Related Site
  • Glasses
  • Accessories
  • Kitchen Utensils
Need-to-Know - Information about the theme / layouts changed from defaults:

Alterations to theme defaults: 

  • [GC OLS] Changed products images in featured section and on shop page from “shrink to fit” to “expand to fill” so the images appear to be the same height for aesthetic purposes
  • [GC OLS] Default product page settings are set to display 16 products per page in 4 columns – changed it to display 12 products per page in 3 columns
  • Footer layout is stacked by default – changed to inline
  • Enabled social icons and site navigation in footer that were hidden by default
  • Changed about page layout from 3 column call-outs to one that better suits the site aesthetic
  • [GC Site] Added an about section with the 3 column layout to the website since there are no featured products and the homepage was empty

Mint Theme Live Demo:


Desktop View:

Mobile View: