Dusk Theme

Business Category: Skateboards 

Theme Specs:

(these details are modifiable)

  • Default Theme Font: Cabin
  • Theme Color Used: #7E54C6
  • Promotional Banner: enable
  • Header Accent: theme color

Header Specs:

(these details cannot be altered)

  • Includes: Cart (OLS) and Search (OLS)
  • Header Type: Sticky Header
  • Transparency: Transparent
  • Nav Position: Inline

Hero Specs:

(the alignment can be changed, the hero media type or hero size cannot)

  • Default Alignment: left
  • Looks Best Aligned: Center and Left
  • Media Type: Large Image and Video
  • Size: Full Width

Footer Specs:

(footer layout & accent can be changed - option to enable/disable icons & nav)

  • Footer Layout: inline
  • Footer Accent: theme color
  • Footer Social Icons: show
  • Footer Navigation: disable

Hero Layout Options:

Additional Info:

Possible Use Cases - This theme's aesthetic could suit the following businesses:
  • Skateboards
  • Toys
  • Sports
  • Bikes
  • Clothing
  • Graphic Art
Need-to-Know - Information about the theme / layouts changed from defaults:

This theme doesn’t put social icons on a page by default, so either enable them in footer or place them in a section on a page

Alterations to theme defaults: 

  • Alignment of blurb text in about section is centered by default – note that this only changes the position of the heading so if I choose center then the text still remains left-aligned – changed all text in this section to left
  • Changed footer accent to theme color from the default dark for aesthetic purposes
  • Enabled the social icons in footer that were hidden by default
  • [GC OLS] Changed products images in featured section and on shop page from “shrink to fit” to “expand to fill” so the images appear to be the same height for aesthetic purposes

Dusk Theme Live Demo:


Desktop View:

Mobile View: