Blog Layouts

Post Feed

Posts: Standard list/feed format with images floated to the left | Sidebar: Regular search, recent posts, categories and archives

Post Grid

Posts: Multi-column grid format, masonry stacking, extra styling options | Sidebar: Regular search, recent posts, categories and archives

Magazine Tiles

Posts: Magazine content tiles layout - good for image-focused posts with high quality, text-free images | Sidebar: None - add per request

Singular Post

Default layout template for posts when viewed individually. Components can be moved around or excluded, but the changes made will apply to all posts sharing the layout. 

Post with Contents

Layout template option ideal for documentation-like posts with lots of information that would benefit from a sidebar with smooth scrolling anchored content links. 

Post Modules

Layout options to display latest posts or post types and post categories as call-outs on a static page (or taxonomy archive depending on the module) with different ways of styling them (grid or carousel).

Post Grid
Magazine Tiles
Post Slider
Post Categories